The photograph of the flag raising on Iwo Jima's Mount Suribachi is the most famous image of World War II.

Taken on Feb. 23, 1945, the photo shows six flag raisers -- Mike Strank of Johnstown, Pa; Harlon Block of Yorktown, Texas; Franklin Sously of Hilltop, Ky.; Ira Hayes of Sacaton, Ariz.; Rene Gagnon of Manchester, N.H.; and John Bradley of Antigo, Wis.

Three of them -- Hayes, Gagnon and Bradley -- survived the battle.

At the Cahal Dunne show "Freedom Flags" at the Scottish Rite Cathedral, a special film and ceremony commemorated the historic flag raising and honored veterans from Pennsylvania and Ohio who took part in the battle.

As each man's name was called, he mounted the stage while Dunne gave a description of his military history. The men all landed on Iwo Jima in February 1945.

*Donald Cummins from Monroeville served in the Marines. His responsibilities included unloading ammunition on the beach while under fire and getting it to the front lines.

*John Snyder from Monessen fought the entire 26-day battle without being wounded. His worst experience was March 1, when Sgt. George Barlow from Burbank, N.Y. covered a Japanese grenade to save the lives of five Marines. Snyder was the only survivor in his squad and therefore could not produce another source of confirmation needed to get Barlow various awards.

*Ellwood City resident David Cook of served in the Navy from September 1943 to November 1964 and was assigned to the Marines as a corpsman. He also served in the Korean War.

*Ralph Griffith of Girard, Ohio, enlisted in the Marines at 17 and served in the company given the assignment to raise the flag. Griffith was an eyewitness to the flag raising, standing next to the six Marines who became immortalized in the famous photo. On March 1, while the troops were under fire, a mortar shell exploded, killing Strank and Block, who were on either side of Griffith.

*Hubbard, Ohio, resident Glenn Buzzard served in the Marines as a machine gunner. He was wounded March 1 and evacuated to a hospital ship. After insisting he be allowed to return, he was permitted to rejoin his unit the following day.

*James Werder of Pittsburgh served in the Marines as a Browning automatic rifleman. He landed on Iwo Jima on Feb. 19 and left on March 16. As a private first class, he earned $54 a month and his overseas combat pay was $64.

*West Pittsburger Alex Simon served in the Marines as a machine gunner on Iwo Jima until March 16.

*Paul De Santis of Mercer County and Edwin Lowther of Atraminic, Pa., served in the Navy as corpsmen and were assigned to the Marines.

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