BACKLASH Legislators say they cannot predict what voters will do next year, but some say they shouldn't be judged solely on the pay raise issue.

Although the state pay raise was rescinded, its specter may haunt the lawmakers who supported the salary increase.

Local state legislators say they don't know whether the raise, which was repealed this week, will remain an issue among voters. But all who voted in favor say they intend to run on their entire record.

"I think it would be an issue if you're not doing your job," said state Rep. Chris Sainato.

"It's one of many issues that could be out there."

Sainato voted against the raise but accepted the unvouchered expenses.

The raises weren't scheduled to take effect until December 2006, but legislators could begin collecting them immediately as unvouchered expenses, which also outraged the public. Those expenses were also repealed.

Sainato noted that not only did he oppose the pay increase, but he also co-sponsored the measure to repeal it.

"It's harder to make an issue on a 'No' person."

State Sen. Gerald LaValle said, "I think you need to judge the person on their performance."

To run a campaign solely on a pay raise issue, "I think that's kind of a narrow platform."

LaValle's is not up for re-election until 2008.

In July after he voted for the pay raise, LaValle said, "If people think I'm not worth that kind of money, they can vote for someone else."

He received criticism for the comment, which was interpreted by some as being arrogant.

Yesterday, LaValle said, "What I was trying to make a point was someone is going to make what the job pays."

State Sen. Bob Robbins, who faces re-election next year, said he doesn't know whether there will be fallout from the pay raise next year.

"I'll run on my record. And run a full campaign as always."

State Rep. Frank LaGrotta said he believes there will be some fallout in some districts. But he said he isn't afraid to face the issue.

"I'm not going to run away from the fact that I voted for it."

He said he believes people who know him before the issue arose will support him and those who opposed him will not vote for him.

"I think the voters of my district know how hard we work. I will run my campaign like I've always run."

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