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An Ellwood City woman and a Michigan man pulled over on a traffic stop are wanted on drug charges after police reported finding suspected crack cocaine in the car.

New Castle police have charged Taylor Foley, 23, of 950 Skyline Drive, Ellwood City, and Andre Shontez Lee of Detroit after they pulled over the car driven by Lee for a traffic violation in the area of South Mill and White streets. The officer reported that Foley’s juvenile son was in the back seat and an open bottle of vodka was on the front seat between Lee and Foley, who was in the passenger seat. 

Police determined that both Lee’s and Foley’s driver’s licenses are suspended and that the silver Cadillac Deville they were in would be impounded. Foley requested to get her belongings out of the car, and she sent a Facetime message to someone that “the New Castle pigs were towing her car,” police reported. They saw her remove assorted items from the center console and after taking out other items, she locked the doors and refused to give the police the keys, the report said.

While waiting for a tow truck, Foley took her son over to the patrol car and said, “this is why we don’t like the police,” the officer reported. When the truck arrived, she gave the keys to the wrecker driver and the car was impounded and she and the driver were released. The police said that as they did an inventory search, they found a digital scale and a suspected crack cocaine rock weighing 0.4 grams on the driver’s side floor. 

The police have charged Foley and Lee with possession and possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. Lee additionally is charged for driving without a license. Warrants have been issued for their arrests.

Foley additionally has several other cases of criminal charges pending against her in the Lawrence County Court of Common Pleas, and several of those charges are drug and driving offense-related.

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