Retention of Judge Cox a question on ballot

Lawrence County Common Pleas Judge J. Craig Cox

Lawrence County voters for the second time have voted to retain Common Pleas Judge J. Craig Cox, according to Tuesday’s unofficial General Election results.

Of Tuesday’s vote, 14,499 voters said they want Cox to continue as a county judge. A total of 2,898 voters cast dissenting ballots for his retention. A total of 20,870 voters cast ballots altogether in Tuesday’s election, meaning that 3,473 of the voters did not vote on the question, unofficially.

Cox, first elected as judge in 1999, was sworn into office in 2000 and was retained by the voters the first time in 2009.

A graduate of New Castle High School, Cox earned his undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Pittsburgh. He practiced law for 19 years before becoming a judge.

The retention of Cox was one of several questions on the ballot for judge retention. The other seats for state judgeships had these unofficial results by Lawrence County voters (state totals, still incomplete as of 1 a.m. Wednesday, are in parentheses):

•Superior Court Judge Ann E. Lazarus — 12,510 (1,388,545) yes votes and 3,736 (475,433) no votes

•Superior Court Judge Judy Olson — 12,579 (1,353,524) yes, 3,631 (472,972) no

•Commonwealth Court Judge Kevin Brobson — 12,054 (1,292,177) yes, 3,921 (508,189) no

•Commonwealth Court Judge Patricia A. McCullough – 12,787 (1,365,118) yes, 3,353 (454,861) no.

In the race for judge of the Superior Court, Lawrence County’s unofficial election results (with unofficial and incomplete state tallies in parentheses) showed Republican Megan McCarthy King with 10,633 votes (1,163,101), Republican Christylee Peck with 9,367 votes (1,083,248), Democrat Daniel McCaffery with 7,055 (1,164,131), and Democrat Amanda Green Hawkins with 6,645 (1,131,131).

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