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A South Side woman has been arrested for shooting at a Mercer County man during a domestic dispute at her home early Saturday, according to New Castle police.

Kaylan Bradley Taylor, 25, of Hermitage reported to the police that Akyla Linn Brown, 28, of 516 Waldo St., had shot at him twice using a .357 Magnum pistol. Taylor was not injured, according to criminal complaints that accompanied charges filed against both Taylor and Brown.

Taylor is charged for having assaulted her before the shooting incident, police reported.

Taylor, who called the police, had gone from her house and met the police at the intersection of Cunningham Avenue and East Lutton Street. He showed officers a video of Brown breaking out windows of her house with a baseball bat, and told officers that Brown had his gun that had been in his car, the report said.

He said Brown pointed the gun at him through a window. He said he tried to talk to her and they argued more. As he left the house, Brown fired two rounds at him while he was on the street, the report said. He said he ran away and called the police.

He told police that the gun was not registered to him and that it had been given to him.

Police said they went to Brown's house and she was standing on the sidewalk and she told officers that Taylor had struck her in the head and face. She said she got mad and broke her windows and her own car windshield, according to the court papers.

At her direction, the police found the gun, loaded with three rounds, in her living room, and they learned it had been reported stolen in Mercer County. The officers then arrested Taylor and Brown.

Brown is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, receiving stolen property and recklessly endangering another person. Taylor is charged with receiving stolen property, simple assault and harassment.

Both were arraigned by District Judge Jerry G. Cartwright, who committed them to the Lawrence County jail. Brown's bond was set at $50,000 and Taylor's bond at $10,000.

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