It’s getting closer.

So said the president of the Lawrence County Economic Development Corp. last night regarding the money it owes to the city of New Castle for sewer work for Millennium Park.

Even though Robert DelSignore promised the city would be receiving the balance of the money owed to it by year’s end, Councilman Will Quimby said he still isn’t satisfied.

“What I said two weeks ago I meant it,” Quimby said. “I still mean it.”

Quimby said that if the city hasn’t received its money by the first meeting of December “I’d like to sue.”

Appearing at council’s work session, DelSignore said the corporation’s issue with Neshannock Township is down to one item, which should be resolved in two to three days.

“Then we will have an agreement with them,” DelSignore said.

When the township puts in the sewer lines in the industrial park, he said, “that gives us the match for the RCAP.” RCAP is the state’s Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program.

He added there also is a pending agreement with an industry to locate in the park. If the corporation secures an industry, that would also serve as a match.

“Once we have a match, that releases our money,” he said.

But Linda Nitch, corporation executive director, told council, “We’re going to pay you from the line of credit dollars.”

DelSignore expressed confidence the city will receive its money by the end of the year.

“I think we’re going to make it,” he said. “It looks very good. I’m optimistic.”

He added, “We appreciate your patience, believe me.”

Under an agreement reached over the summer, the corporation has given the city $50,000 as a partial payment and will give another $50,000 by the end of the year. The corporation cashed a certificate of deposit to make the payment.

A previous agreement calls for the corporation to reimburse the city more than $1 million for construction of the West Bank Super Sewer.

So far, the corporation has paid the city $281,048.77. The amount owed is $1,164,216.58. The money paid to city was from a $550,000 line of credit.

Quimby asked DelSignore why city officials had not been invited to a meeting last month in Neshannock Township that included that municipality’s supervisors and a state senator.

DelSignore said it wasn’t the corporation that did the inviting.

“It isn’t our intention to hold anybody out.”

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