A Lower East Side man wanted on a warrant for drugs tried to run from police before they arrested him.

They found more drugs on him when they caught him, according to New Castle police.

Jaered N. Andrews, 33, is charged with flight to avoid apprehension and two counts of possession of narcotics.

Police were called shortly before 3 a.m. Wednesday to an alley off East Washington Street downtown regarding a suspicious silver van with two men in it.

Police saw two men walking on Florence Avenue nearby. As officers questioned them, one was coooperative and the other tried to hide his face and walk away, they said, adding he had his sweatshirt hood up and cinched around his face.

When the officers asked for his identification, he refused and an officer pulled a cruiser into his path, they said. The man, later identified as Andrews, ran behind the car and south on Florence Avenue.

The officer got out of the car and chased him about 100 yards on Florence Avenue and behind a house in the 500 block. Andrews went up an outside staircase at the back of the house and the officer cornered him on a second-floor landing.

He reached into his pocket and officers ordered him to show his hands, and he dropped a metal container, according to the report.

Police said it contained several tablets identified as Vicodin, a narcotic, and Opana, a pain killer.

Police then learned Andrews was wanted on a felony drug warrant.

He was arraigned by District Judge Melissa Amodie, who set his bond on the new charges at $10,000. He is in the Lawrence County jail.

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