Chris Frye

As most of you are already aware, our city is in financial peril as it remains handcuffed by the Act 47 plan.

Due to fiscal irresponsibility and zero economic progress over the years, we find our city in an unenviable position.

We cannot deny our city has many challenges ahead! Yet, I remain hopeful and extremely optimistic that with a forward-thinking plan and a clearly defined vision we can reaffirm the potential in this city. What has been taking place around us may seem insurmountable, but IT IS NOT! How do you choose to see the glass — half full or half empty? Perception is a mental impression. It is “a way” of understanding or interpreting something.

It is apparent the city has failed to reinvest dollars into repairing and paving our streets on a consistent basis, effectively address city blight, outline any plans to make all entry points into the city aesthetically appealing, or work with leaders in the business community to support business development and expansion in the downtown. When you compound the issues of crime, drugs and economics, community progress remains gridlocked.

However, New Castle is also host to a myriad of assets with ease of access to major highways and railways. We have opportunities available to us to capitalize on the regional vision and become a bedroom community to regional industry. Locally, we can re-examine and eventually eliminate our Mercantile and Business privilege tax, making the city overall a desirable place to do business while creating an opportunity to spur entrepreneurship.

Under my administration, we will roll up our sleeves and diligently work with all stakeholders to make New Castle a desirable place to live and work. We are embarking on a NEW journey and our perception of the city must change if we are to move forward!

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