Editor, The News:

The indictments have been issued in the CIA leak investigation and it appears that Lewis "Scooter" Libby, has been accused of having lied about not having committed a crime that wasn't committed and wasn't a crime.

Got that? No? Well then let me repeat it. Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald has accused Libby of having lied about not having committed a crime that wasn't committed and wasn't a crime.

If you're having trouble following that pretzel logic, congratulations; you're a sane, rational human being living outside of the Capital beltway. Only in Washington do they think in such terms.

One of the most disturbing things about Fitzgerald's investigation is that it took him two years to come up with such convoluted charges.

In reality, the investigation should have lasted no more than five minutes because that's how long it takes to learn that Valerie PIame, CIA employee and wife of Joseph Wilson, was not a covert agent and hadn't been a covert agent for more than five years.

Therefore, according to the law, it was legal to tell anyone her name and where she worked. That's the elephant in the room that Fitzgerald and the press have been trying to ignore.

Instead of ending his investigation when he first bumped into the elephant, Fitzgerald dragged it along for two years until he could manufacture a crime. And even in that, he failed miserably. But what would you expect? He's a government lawyer, and by definition, he's not the cream of the crop.

As such, Libby should have little trouble proving his innocence. After all, there's still that elephant in the room. You can't miss it. It's sitting next the other elephant, the one that exposes Joseph Wilson's lies that were the impetus for this whole fiasco.

Joseph K. Waltenbaugh

New Castle

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