Building offered to New Wilmington officials

The owner of the former Fractured Grape building at 115 E. Neshannock Ave., New Wilmington, is offering the building to the borough after discussions with a potential buyer fell through.

Diane Shrawder this week offered to donate a building to New Wilmington borough.

The structure, located at 115 E. Neshannock Ave., the former site of The Fractured Grape winery, had been of interest, Shrawder said, to Paul Lynch who contacted her on May 22, the day after borough residents voted 240-211 in favor of an alcohol referendum that would open the municipality to the possibility of alcohol-serving businesses.

Lynch had expressed interest in opening a restaurant with a liquor license at that location only 30 feet away from The Tavern, a restaurant housed at 108 N. Market St., whose owner, Todd Ulicny, is pursuing a liquor license for his business.

Lynch posted a liquor license application in the building on May 23.

Shrawder said she has terminated her relationship with Lynch and the orange application sign is no longer posted.

She said the area experienced a very wet spring and summer. Following one downpour, Shrawder said, she had seven inches of water on her roof and it leaked.

Shrawder said she and her husband, Don, “have had it. I will put it back in order and try to sell it.” she said. “But if we have not sold it by the end of the year, I’ll donate it to the borough. Just consider the possibility.” 

In the meantime, she said she will have the building appraised and will take any interested potential buyer through to see it “as is.”

Over the years, she said, pipes have burst and she’s replaced the furnace.

Council president Jon Welker thanked the Shrawders for their “very generous offer.”

“If you can sell it, do” he said. “But if you don’t, let us know before you put money into it. If you are going to donate it, don’t put on a new roof. That will be our responsibility. We’ll do the roof.”

He also urged her to speak with her accountant.


Nancy Lowry is a reporter at the New Castle News. Email her at

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