New Castle Area School District

The New Castle Area School Board has hired a crew of teachers and other personnel to staff its after-school program.

The board on Sept. 19 voted 8-0 on the positions for the 2016-17 school year, with member Anthony "Skip" Ross absent. The salaries are payable from a 21st Century Grant that the district received for the program. Others were hired this week by 9-0 votes with the entire board present.

The hirees and their pays are:

Harry W. Lockley Elementary School

•Shelly Bucci, Cara Florie and Lori Doran, substitute, site coordinators.. They will work up to 3 hours per day at pay of $23 per hour each.

•Anita Cialella and Heather Davis, Power Hour instructors, working up to three hours per day at $18 per hour; Karen Colaluca, Renee Cappatt, Melanie Carbone, Bobbi Knight, Domenica DoVidio, Kiana Brush, Jodi DeSimone, Chris Ferry and Laura Taylor, up to 2.5 hours per day at $18 per hour; and Linda Hartman, up to 2;5 hours per day at $12 per hour.

•Vicki Bober and Sue DeRosa, morning power hour instructors, up to one hour per day at $18 per hour.

•Kim Ferrese, Carol Natale and Janine Keith, nurses, up to three hours per day at $18 per hour.

•Cheryl Natale and Megan Anderson, program assistants, up to two hours per week at $18 per hour.

•Substitutes Christy Litrenta, Renae Cotelesse, Rosemary DiGiammarino, Anthony Sainato and Dan Mangino,up to 3 hours per week, $18 per hour.

Junior/Senior High School

•Jonathan Lucas, site coordinator at the junior-senior high school, up to three hours per day at $18 per hour.

•Jessica Wiseman, lead teacher and curriculum, up to 2.75 hours per day at $20 per hour.

•Rick Eagle, security officer, up to 2.5 hours per day at $15 per hour

•Cheryl Natale, program assistant, up to two hours per day at $10 per hour.

•Ashley Lucas and Carol McKnight, Power Hour English, up to two hours per day at $18 per hour.

•Alex Gigler, Power Hour math, up to 2 hours per day at $18 per hour

•Brittany Carbone, Dom DeCaprio and John Beshero, enrichment facilitators, up to two hours per day at $18 per hour, and Ceirra Safranic, $15 per hour.

•Mike Dely, information technology and data technician, up to 2 hours per day, $18 per hour.

•Substitutes Jess Wiseman, site coordiator, $23 per hour; Donald Runyon, Power Hour Enrichment, $18 per hour; Eric Mastrangelo, information technology technician, $15 per hour, and Michelle Raymundo, $18 per hour.

George Washington Intermediate School

•Kelly Corey and Ralph Litrenta, substitute, $23 per hour

•Megan Anderson, program assistant, $12 per hour

•Dawn Morici and Karen Argiro, nurses, $18 per hour

•Debbie Coyne, Lisa Beshero, Lisa Hites, Duwayne Bell, Power Hour English, $18 per hour

•Brian Calvert and Michelle Conti, Power Hour math, $18 per hour

•LaShion Pickney, Matt Germanski and Steve Reider, $18 per hour each, and Julian Romeo, Marquita Rice at $12 per hour, all enrichment facilitators.

•Substitutes Karen Tintsman, Judy Naugle and Kristine Bruno for Power Hour, $18 per hour; Stacy Miller for Power Hour math, $18 per hour; Belinda Trott-Stouffer, $15 per hour, and Gabrielle Black, Power Hour enrichment, $12 per hour; Julian Romeo, Power Hour Enrichment English, $12 per hour; and Ana Soeder, enrichment facilitator, payable at $10 per hour.


•Parent engagement educator, Stacy Schwartz, payable at $15 per hour

•Enrichment facilitators, Shawn Sever, $15 per hour, and Krystalyn Anderson, $18 per hour

•Power Hour substitute, DoonaNeff, $18 per hour

•Program assistant substitute, Anita Conti, $10 per hour

•Power Hour teacher, Dan Mangino, $18 per hour.

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