Michael J. D'Biagio

Michael J. D'Biagio

A 41-year-old Beaver Falls man is facing criminal homicide and aggravated assault charges after police say he fatally shot a 17-year-old pizza shop employee Friday on Highland Avenue because the boy "got his daughter on drugs or coke."

Michael J. D'Biagio was arraigned Saturday morning. D'Biagio admitted to police during questioning that he shot Darren Jevcak "five or six times" in a parking lot next to Scustie's Pizza Shop at 1101 Highland Ave., according to a criminal complaint.

New Castle Police Department officers were called to the pizza shop around 5:25 p.m., where they found Jevcak on the ground, unconscious, not moving and bleeding. Jevcak was treated on scene by McGonigle Ambulance Services, then transported to UPMC Jameson, where he was pronounced dead.

Police said that during questioning, D'Biagio said he had been learning all week about the relationship between his daughter and Jevcak. D'Biagio said his daughter had been sneaking out of the house to buy and smoke marijuana, while also using cocaine with Jevcak, according to the complaint.

D'Biagio said when he learned of this, he confronted his daughter. On Friday afternoon, when his daughter and wife were at a shopping mall, he contacted Jevcak asking where he was, with the boy replying that he was at the pizza shop. D'Biagio told police he then went to his bedroom and retrieved a gun, got in his car and drove to New Castle.

Once near the pizza shop, the complaint says, D'Biagio saw Jevcak come out of a back door and proceeded to shoot him multiple times.

"He realized he had shot Jevcak in the arm and Jevcak went down to the ground," the criminal complaint said. "D'Biagio said he shot Jevcak (again) so that he could put (him) out of his misery because (he) looked to be in shock."

A neighbor told police she looked outside her upstairs window and saw a man, later identified as D'Biagio, in a blue shirt with a gun pointed at Jevcak. She said D'Biagio shot at the victim, causing Jevcak to fall to the ground. She said D'Biagio then walked closer to the boy and shot him again.

The neighbor then reported that business owner Joseph Camerot and another employee came outside, and that D'Biagio then went back to his car, appeared to be reloading the magazine to his gun, then walked down the street. Camerot and the other employee were talking to D'Biagio during this, the neighbor told police, and D'Biagio put his gun down on the sidewalk and put his hands in the air, staying that way for two or three minutes. He then got up, grabbed his gun and walked back to the car, where he put his gun down and appeared to make a phone call.

The neighbor said when police arrived, D'Biagio laid on the ground.

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