New Castle Transit Authority buses

New Castle Area Transit Authority officials say fake bus passes are circulating around town, and that anyone who tries to use one could face federal charges.

A Monday morning incident between a rider and a New Castle Area Transit Authority employee will result in disciplinary action against the driver. 

Daron Rawl said he traveled on a bus from his apartment to the downtown park and ride.

When Rawl, who is black, got off the first bus, he was ready to board a second bus to continue with his errands but the driver of that bus closed the door on him.

Thinking there could be something wrong with the driver, Rawl said he talked with another NCATA employee and was instructed to call the authority — which he said he did — before trying to board again.

Again, he said, he had the door closed on him. 

“We’re not going to be having that injustice here,” Rawl said.

“To be have a door slammed in your face, I’m not standing for this.”

The NCATA said it was aware of the situation and reviewed video of the incident. 

“We have already reviewed it since we do have video on our buses,” NCATA general manager David Richards said.

“We will work through the proper channels through the union with the driver. There will be disciplinary action taken. We do not like what we saw on the video.”

Drivers with the NCATA are union members. 

Rawl said, in discussions with the transit authority, he was told the driver was in the wrong and at fault. He said he wasn’t as much mad during the encounter as he was shocked.

“There’s no need for this,” Rawl said.

“I want this to stop. I want him recognized and him stopped.”

Rawl said he was able to get on another bus to continue his errands.

“We take customer service and customer relations seriously,” Richards said.

“Any time there is a complaint lodged with our passengers and drivers, we look into it by reviewing video and make the proper determination at that time.”

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