A McKees Rocks couple was arrested for allegedly breaking into cars in Mahoning and Pulaski townships.

Northwest Lawrence Regional Police discovered the two sleeping with their pit bull in a car parked at a Pulaski Township sheep farm Jan. 4.

Police said the car contained numerous items that had been reported stolen from the vehicles that had been entered.

Police had received reports of at least 16 car break-ins Jan. 3 and 4 on various roads in both townships. Some cars had been unlocked and some were ransacked.

The woman, 24-year-old Nicolalee Rose Reed, was wanted on a fugitive warrant from Shenango Township on drug possession and drug manufacturing charges. Her companion, Joshua Adam Yost, also 24, had been arrested previously for that same offense.

Reed allegedly rented a room at a Shenango Township motel last April, where police found that she, Yost and another man were cooking marijuana into hashish oil. She was charged in connection with that incident and has been at large since then.

Last week police charged her and Yost in connection with the multiple vehicle break-ins.

Upon arresting Reed, police were directed by jail officials to take her to Jameson Hospital's emergency room for health clearance, because she is pregnant. She was then lodged in the Lawrence County jail on the fugitive warrant.

Reed was released from jail Jan. 9 because of her pregnancy. She is awaiting arraignment on the new charges.

Yost is in the Lawrence County jail on $10,000 bond, and the state parole system has placed a detainer on him.

According to police, the two were identified as suspects by their shoe prints and by items found in their possession that allegedly had been stolen.

Officers on patrol were investigating the thefts and one spotted a car parked at a farm with the passenger side window halfway down. The car did not belong at the home, he said.

He approached the car, thinking it was another break-in, police said, then recognized it as belonging to a suspect in another theft.

The officer recognized the man as Yost and knew he was on state parole, and a state parole officer was called to assist with the arrest.

Yost gave them permission to search the car, police said, and they found a bow and arrow that had been reported stolen from a car, along with several bags of presents reported stolen from another vehicle earlier that day. Also recovered were numerous compact disc cases and compact discs, some of which had been reported stolen, and a pellet pistol with the orange safety tip removed, giving it the appearance of a handgun, police said.

Yost is charged with 14 counts of theft from a motor vehicle, and three counts each of receiving stolen property and theft.

Reed is charged with one count of criminal conspiracy, 17 counts of theft from a motor vehicle, and three counts each of receiving stolen property and theft.

Police are continuing to advise residents to lock their vehicles at night.

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