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State traffic and drinking and driving laws pertain to horses and buggies as well as motorized vehicles on public roads.

A member of the Amish sect, Chris G. Kurtz, 18, was pulled over by a New Wilmington Borough policeman on a borough street during early morning hours recently, and as a result is facing charges.

According to a criminal complaint, an officer was on patrol around 1 a.m. Nov. 19 and was in a parking lot on Neshannock Avenue when he saw the horse and buggy going west with its hazard lights lit solid and not flashing. The flashing lights are required by law during darkness or reduced visibility, he noted. An ornamental green light also was lit underneath the buggy, the report said.

The officer followed the buggy onto Pearson Street and initiated a traffic stop on Beechwood Road, where he determined that Kurtz had been drinking, the paperwork said. Kurtz also had a case of beer and a full unopened can and another open can inside of his buggy, the officer reported.

He reported that Kurtz, who is younger than the legal drinking age, refused to take field sobriety tests.

A family member was contacted to retrieve the horse and buggy and Kurtz was arrested and taken to a hospital for a blood alcohol test, but he refused it and was released to the family.

He was charged Thursday with three counts of driving under the influence including one as a minor, driving with unsafe equipment, careless driving and the purchase of alcoholic beverages by a minor.

He will be sent a summons to appear in court.

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