Cindy Smith carried signs yesterday, demanding more police and a drug dog to help curb crime near her business.

Smith, chef and manager at Oliver’s Pub, was joined by employees and friends yesterday to distribute hand-outs to passers-by after an attack Saturday of a longtime customer in the 500 block of the Beaver Avenue parking lot.

Smith and the victim, Pam Shanor, attended last night’s borough council meeting to detail the harrowing incident and to ask for better lighting in the borough-owned parking lot.

Shanor, a Wayne Township resident, said she stopped at Oliver’s for something to eat at about 8:30 p.m. Saturday.

She parked in the second space from the edge of Beaver Avenue near Oliver’s back door. She locked her door and headed toward the pub, her black leather purse over her shoulder.

“They must have been hiding between the cars,” she said. “I heard a loud running sound. I don’t know why I didn’t turn around.”

Two young males came up behind her. One hit her shoulder while grabbing her coat which swung her around toward him. As she swirled, Shanor stepped into a muddy hole, lost her balance and fell on her back. Then one assailant turned and ran north toward the railroad tracks.

The other man grabbed her purse, which she still held tightly. Shanor tried to stand as the young man pulled the purse, dragging her over the asphalt and cutting her knees. She managed to rise to one knee and shouted at him. He gave up and fled, following the other’s path over the train tracks.

Shaking and bleeding, Shanor found her shoes, which had come off during the struggle, and made her way into Oliver’s. She called to her niece, the bartender, who alerted Smith who dialed 9-1-1.

Smith told council the Beaver Avenue lot is too dark. She said an employee had the windows of her sports utility vehicle shot out; others have had their cars broken into for whatever was handy. “Anybody breaking into a car for change is on crack,” Smith said.

The attack on Shanor is the most serious incident, Smith said, noting that some of her customers are senior citizens who might have died in such an attack.

“This is the beginning,” she said. “If they get away with it, they’ll be back. I’m not going to sit back and let this happen to my customers.”

She said another light has been installed at the back door and employees are escorted to their cars. Now she plans to look into private security for Fridays and Saturdays.

She noted that a large number of teens congregate at the 500 block of Lawrence Avenue.

“They used to walk in my front door and straight through and down the steps to the bathroom; I was right behind them. I said, ‘if you’re not going to the bathroom, get out!’

“Something needs to be done and everybody knows it,” she said. “Does anybody want to know about this? Does anybody here really know what’s going on?”

Council president Glenn Jones replied, “Everybody in this room knows what’s going on. It’s 99 percent drug-related. Most robberies are drug related.” He added that a drug dog is on order and that three part-time officers have been added to the 11-member force. But only two or three officers are available for each shift.

Councilman George Celli proposed that borough manager, Dom Viccari, consult with the electric department supervisor about the costs of improving lighting at the parking lot.

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