The Pulaski Township supervisors have ordered Adultland XXX to close for a year.

Eric Boron, owner of the adult-themed business on Route 422 in the township, is expected to appeal.

Neither Boron of Salem, Ohio, nor his attorney, Charles Hersh of Hermitage, attended last night’s meeting of the Pulaski Township supervisors or a public hearing on the matter before the supervisors last Wednesday.

Township officials said Boron is licensed to operate his business under a township ordinance that limits hours to 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays and requires the business to be closed on Sundays and holidays.

Asked if the closing is expected to be permanent, Supervisor Tom Gates explained, “His operating license is revoked for one year. After that, he could reapply for a license to reopen.”

The supervisors said they can only revoke Boron’s operating license. There is no fine attached to the violation.

At last week’s hearing, both parties agreed that:

•Adultland XXX was open on June 14.

•On June 16, Police Chief James B. Morris Jr. of the Northwest Lawrence Regional Police Department issued a notice that the violation had occurred and the business license could be suspended.

•On June 26, Boron filed an appeal of the business license suspension notice.

June 14 is observed in Pennsylvania as Flag Day. Under township ordinances, Boron is required to be closed on all federal or state legal holidays.

Through Hersh, Boron indicated he had not known June 14 was recognized as a holiday. Had he known, Adultland XXX would not have been open for business on that day.

Being open, Boron said in papers filed, was an innocent mistake by him and the business, and that both had intended to comply with the township’s ordinance.

According to the document, on Feb. 14 Boron requested that his former attorney, Warner Mariani of Pittsburgh, fax him a list identifying all holidays on which Adultland XXX is required to close.

That fax, the document said, was posted at the business so employees would know all the holidays. It noted Flag Day, which is recognized in Pennsylvania as a state holiday, was not identified as a holiday on Boron’s list.

More than two dozen township residents attended Wednesday’s hearing. Nearly that many were present last night. Several applauded when the order was read.

Adultland XXX, which opened in February 2000, is licensed to operate under a township business ordinance that limits hours of operation and allows the supervisors to suspend the store’s business license if there is a violation.

This is not the first time the township and the business clashed over the holidays. Last year, Adultland XXX was open for business — in violation of the ordinance — on Columbus Day, observed Oct. 10.

Following a hearing, the supervisors ordered Adultland closed for 30 business days and for Boron to pay their legal expenses, which included $1,500 for attorney Bernard Matthews of Pittsburgh, and $61 for the legal advertisement published in the New Castle News.

In a compromise reached with Boron, the business was closed through January.

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