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Youngstown State University students have been named to the dean’s and president’s lists for the spring 2019 semester.


Lawrence County residents named to the list for having a grade point average of 3.4 or higher include: Bessemer: Brianna Anderson and Cassandra Huston.

Edinburg: Andrew Ferrucci, Zachary Howard, Missena Mangino, Alyssa Micco, Jared Patton, Joel Perry, Anna Pszenny and Anastasia Truby.

Ellwood City: Kimberly Lechner, Ryan Lewis, Michaela Magnifico, Anthony Nocera and Megan Walters.

Enon Valley: Bruno Abersold, Kaitlyn Hoover, Mathew Nunamaker, John Oehmler, Hanna Rohrmann, Ashley Sudziak and Hunter Verenski.

Hillsville: Jessica Matsukas and Nicholas Matsukas.

New Castle: Vincent Albertini, Morgan Allwine, Sarah Baka, Nicholas Ballard, Nikolaus Bentkowski, Logan Blazer, Sarah Blinn, Theodore Bucci, Christa Bupp, Alexandria Carbon, Dominique Carbon, Mitchell Cialella, Alyssa Covert, Mario Crim, Natalie DeVincentis, Patrick Donegan, Laura Drake, Jawna Fobes, Amy Friend, Kimberly Gardner, Antonette Gealy, Darren Heaberlin, Sarah Herb, Hailey Horchler, Kevin Huff, James Humphrey, Nicholas Jackson, Thomas Jackson, Ashley Kohnen, Thomas Kushner, Dominic Lynn, Matthew Manos, Kimberly Masone, Zachary McAnlis, Justin McCreary, Aaron McNulty, Kristen Mosley, Joseph Mrozek, Nicole Pagley, Chanceler Partin, Samantha Peak, Connor Pfalz, Caleb Pierog, Nicholas Quattro, Aaron Reash, Alaysia Reno, Emmalee Rich, Richard Rossi, Carolyn Searfoss, Jarod

Smith, Austin Smolnik, Sydney Stalnecker, Cameron Stone, Hope Stoner, Kyle Swick, Jumana Taftaf, Megan Thorman, Lauren Voland, Zachary Voland, Alleya Wagner, Jacob Winters, Justin Wisenall, James Wooley and Jayvonne Wright.

New Wilmington: Kayla Bonzo, Karlye Burns, Chris Engelsiepen, Ashten Guth, Aubrie Hargenrader, Nour Moufid, Stefan Pontius and Cody Reider.

Pulaski: Allyson Conner, Amanda Leist, Nicolette McConnell and Leah Tekac.

Volant: Alesha Fulton, Colton Marett, Emily Marino, Sarah Schwenke and Mark Shenker.

Wampum: Kara Bischoff and Kyleigh Edinger.

West Pittsburg: Zach Jordan

Youngstown State University students earning a perfect 4.0 grade point average have been named to the president’s list. Students from Lawrence County include: Bessemer: Cassandra Huston .

Edinburg: Alyssa Micco .

Ellwood City: Megan Walters .

Enon Valley: Bruno Abersold ; Kaitlyn Hoover and Hanna Rohrmann.

Hillsville: Jessica Matsukas and Nicholas Matsukas.

New Castle: Sarah Baka, Christa Bupp, Alexandria Carbon, Mitchell Cialella, Natalie DeVincentis, Laura Drake, Amy Friend, Kimberly Gardner, Sarah Herb, Ashley Kohnen, Thomas Kushner, Kimberly Masone, Joseph Mrozek, Chanceler Partin, Connor Pfalz, Caleb Pierog, Nicholas Quattro, Alaysia Reno, Cameron Stone, Zachary Voland and Jayvonne Wright.

New Wilmington: Kayla Bonzo and Karlye Burns.

Pulaski: Allyson Conner and Leah Tekac.

Volant: Alesha Fulton.

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