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United Way has introduced a program, Faces of COVID, to recognize and remember Lawrence County residents who died from complications of COVID-19.

The agency is asking the community for help in providing the names of family members who succumbed to the virus, so their memory can be honored publicly.

People are invited to call the United Way office at (724) 658-8528. According to information the United Way provided from the state Department of Health, Lawrence County lost more 500 people during the pandemic.

The committee is planning a dinner to recognize and memorialize residents who died from COVID-19. The event will include speakers who will address the psychological effects from the pandemic and the illness, and tools to help navigate through the season of healing.

United Way also will recognize people who have provided services in the community during the pandemic. A person can be nominated as a local hero from its website, www.uwlawcty.org.

United Way will host a monthly drawing for $50 gift cards from local businesses in our community. Nominees must be Lawrence County residents.

The following COVID-19 heroes who were awarded $50 gift cards from local businesses are: Doug McIltrot, musician; Maria Delgado Santana, Latino commissioner Lawrence County; Stephanie Gibson, New Castle School District guidance counselor, and others. These individuals went over and above to make sure services were provided for families during the pandemic.

Members of the Faces of COVID committee are: Debbie McGlothlin, Penn Power; Nick Baron, Rebecca Dean and Brittney Fair of Primary Health; Colleen Chamberlain, PA CareerLink; Alecia Freidl, state Department of Health; Commissioner Loretta Spielvogel; Chris Sainato; Susan Aller; Debbie DeBlasio; Michelle Kelly-Thompson of Human Services Center; and Ron Barnes of UPMC Horizon/Jameson.

COVID-19 testing kits remain available at the United Way of Lawrence County at 223 N. Mercer St.

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