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Pete Sirianni 

There are few things I’m not great at in life. 

The thing I’m the worst at is probably “Wheel of Fortune.” Yes, the show. Just absolutely terrible.

If I was faced with a life-or-death situation where I had to figure out a several word phrase with the lone hint of “things,” well ... I better get my affairs in order. 

I’m just plain no good. Maybe it’s because my brain doesn’t work that way. Maybe it’s just because sometimes I fail to listen to the clues and don’t really remember all the rules to the show. Pat Sajak seems like a cool guy, though. 

Anyway, I came home from work this week and, after acing the Final Jeopardy question (What east-of-the- Mississippi state capital’s last two letters are also the state’s abbreviation? Duh. Albany, New York.), “Wheel” came on at the bottom of the hour. 

This particular episode, a rerun from May 2017, was titled “Great American Cities: Boston.” The answers were all Boston-related. Fair enough. But Boston trends low on my power rankings of great American cities. In fact, it might not make the list. Honorable mention, at best. 

Then, the first contestant was introduced. His name was Steve. It probably still is Steve. We the viewer never learned Steve’s last name. Anyway, Steve’s fun fact for Pat was that he loves disc golf. It’s the sport of the future, he said. 

This statement really made my ears perk up, which should impress you because human ears generally do not do much moving. Anyway, when did disc golf get to have the distinction of “sport of the future”? I love soccer, but even I’m tired of hearing how the beautiful game is America’s sport of the future. Then it was lacrosse. And pickleball. And spikeball. Every Winter Olympics, we remember curling not only exists, but looks fun.

I’m not what you would call a die-hard game-show fan, but I’m always intrigued by what contestants say as their fun fact. How would I wow Pat Sajak or Alex Trebek? Would I go the straight route and just say what I do for a living? Or should I go a little off the wall with a random tidbit from my travels?

I guess I’d better figure that out before I try to get on one of these shows. The last thing I need is Alex Trebek thinking I’m some just another lame contestant. I also should probably learn how to play “Wheel of Fortune,” too. 

(Pete Sirianni is the digital editor at the New Castle News. Email him at

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