The New Castle High School Class of 2020 had its baccalaureate service at 7 p.m. June 11 at St. Vincent DePaul. Commencement was at 7:30 p.m. June 15 at Taggart Stadium. 

Valedictorians were Austin Browne, son of Rochelle and Theodore Browne Jr., and Ricky Zheng, son of Yi Ming Zheng and Shou Jin Chen. This year’s honor student was Marissa Polding, daughter of David Polding and Karen Ryhal.

The class motto was “Every struggle in your life has shaped you into the person you are today. Be thankful for the hard times, they can only make you stronger.”

The class song was “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” by Green Day.

Senior class and student council Advisors were Diana Rankin and Becky Saymansky.

The members of Class of 2020 (tentative as of June 8) were: Aaron Adamo, Seraj Allababdeh, Angelina Allwine, Richard Anderson, Jacob Aromando, Jordan Aromando, Evan Ayala, Sean Ayers, Braeden Bailey, Hailey Bailey, Dakota Baldwin, Matthew Ball, Samantha Barnhart, Aaliyah Bell, Jordyn-Rene Berry,

Aliya Blackshear, Wilsheard Blackshear IV, Connor Blandon, Jade Bodie, Shawn Bogear Jr., Shakira Boutros, Giovanni Bove, Cameron Boyce, Emily Brightshue, Angelo Brown, Austin Browne, Isabella Burick, Alexis Burkett, Brianna Callahan, Isaih Carter, Brianna Clark, Camri Cochran, Madison Conley,

Jeida Cotto, Jermaine Cuffie, Samuel Cwynar, Niko D’Ambrosia, Morgan Daily, Roger DeCarbo III, Anna DiBacco, Nicoletta Donofrio, Dashonna Drew, Anthony Eckenroad, Andrew Elmore, Bernard Fabian, Isabella Flora, Tyler Francis, Liam Frost, Jeffrey Fuge Jr., Kennedy Gabriel, Rachael Gennock,

Emme George, Lilley-Katherine Gilbert, Abigail Gonzales, Christopher Gravatt, Andrew Greco, Anton Green, Frank Gunn, Amber Harper, Quayshaun Harris, Aiden Heichel, Selena Hernandez, Austin Hiler, Angelena Hill, Jordan Holland, Earl Howell, Phillip Hoxworth IV, Ryan Hunyadi, Ericka Jackson, Marcheyla Jackson,

Madison Kessler, Micah Killion, Isaac King, Julian Klingensmith, Jewel Kneram, Tyler Knox, Brenna Korpela, Julian Leekins, Anthony Litrenta, Raegan Litrenta, Rachel Lloyd, Loraine Logan, Angelena Lombardo, Hailey Losey, Daijah Lupi, Eris Luptak, Rachel Lyden, Kerrionna Lyles, Michael Maas, Dakota Main,

Jaden Mastren, Curshawnna Mathis, Trevon Matthews, Terrell McCarter, Markus McKnight, Dylan McLaren, Cameron Mellott, Mykala Micaletti, Allison Micco, Jensen Miller, Stone Miller, Daniel Minenok, Logan Mooers, Daniel Moore, Tyshawn Mukaabya, Aleah Nelson, Andrew Noviello, Amari Owens,

Angelina Pagley, Dominique Pagley, Angelo Perrotta IV, Taylor Phillips, Marissa Polding, Preston Raeburn, Hayley Reno, Alaya Respress, Sariya Revis, Raquel Rivera, Darren Robinson, Rocco Robinson, Alexis Robinson-Baker, Nicholas Russo, Antonio Ryan, Sophia Sager, Julian Scurlock,

Jeffrey Shaftic, Nadia Smith, Novalee Smith, Jacob Snyder, Alexandra Steele, Te’Asia Stewart, Juliana Stone, Zachary Strayer, Girma Tadesse III, Taylor Tanner, Savanna Terracio, Hannah Trott, Maria Vasquez, Nathaneal Verna, Juleeann Viggiano, Zayna Wagner, Koreah Walker, K’Aira Waller, Halee Ward,

Michaela Washington, Deasia Waters, Edward Waters, Daniel Wesner, Che’onna Williams, Chase Winter, Colin Wright, Mekenzie Wyant, Chase York, Robert Young and Ricky Zheng.

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