Local author's Cold War books available online

Gary Hill

A local retired teacher’s book focusing on the Cold War Era is now available online.

Gary Hill, author of “The Other Oswald,” also has penned “The House on Harlandale,” which focuses on the same time period..

“The Other Oswald” explores the world of counterintelligence during the Cold War — in particular, the shadowy figure of Lee Harvey Oswald and his intelligence clone, Robert Edward Webster, who were used as espionage “dangles.”

According to information provided by Hill, Oswald and Webster were consistently confused by the Soviets, FBI and even those who knew them.

“The House on Harlandale” chronicles “powerful forces fueled by cold war paranoia (that) came together in a small house in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas in November 1963. The result was the death of a president and a radical change in world politics.”

Hill has spent 50 years researching the Cold War in general and the assassination of JFK specifically. He has appeared on talk shows, published articles, and given lectures on the topic.

His substantial JFK library consists of hundreds of books, articles and pictures and thousands of documents obtained from the CIA, FBI, Military and NARA via the Freedom of Information Act. He has interviewed witnesses and published articles in local newspapers and journals such as The Fourth Decade and JFK/Deep Politics Quarterly and local newspapers such as the Cranberry Journal and New Castle News.

He was a charter member of the Citizens for the Truth of the Kennedy Assassination, Cyril Wecht’s Coalition on Political Assassinations and JFK Lancer. He is listed in the Master Researcher Directory.

“The Other Oswald” and “The House on Harlandale” both can be purchased at theotheroswald.com, amazon.com or barnesandnoble.com.

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