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To advertise his New York City cabaret show, ‘Just One Look: The Songs of Linda Ronstadt,’ Laurel graduate Travis Moser recreated the artist’s ‘Living in the USA’ album cover.

Travis Moser calls his latest cabaret show a poor excuse to hear some favorite vocalists perform Linda Ronstadt songs.

After all, the first pop album the teenaged Moser bought with his own money was a Ronstadt classic.

“It caught my eye on the Columbia House Music Club mailing,” recalled Moser, a 2001 graduate of Laurel High School. “It was probably already 15 years old at the time, but I’d always been obsessed with old music, the ‘70s and earlier, the older the better. So, for me, this was new.”

Ronstadt’s music also marks a new venture for Moser, who earned a degree in musical theater from Point Park University and has been performing and recording in the New York City area since.

On June 20, he debuts his cabaret-style “Just One Look: The Songs of Linda Ronstadt” at NYC’s Green Room 42.

“She has one of the best voices ever in pop-rock, really in any genre. She was really my gateway into pop,” Moser said, explaining his earlier taste leaned more toward Broadway show tunes. “She also was a gateway into the other genres she explored – pop, rock, punk, country – I learned them all through Linda.”

While Moser headlines the one-night-only show with music arrangements by Drew Wutke, he’s accompanied by a full band and fellow performers Molly Pope, a Monroeville native and “New York City cabaret icon,” Cathy Cervenka, Daryl Glenn and Jack Bartholet.

“They’re in all phases of their careers, and they’re all fantastic,” noted Moser who also has a “day job” as a associate director of print and special projects with SpotCo, an entertainment marketing agency.

“We do songs from her entire career,” he added. “Everything from when she first started until when she stopped singing, around 2006.”

Moser explained that he was invited to come up with a show after Green Room 42 executives heard his latest album, “The Midtown Sessions,” and single, “And So It Goes.”

“They only host new shows,” Moser explained. “Every time I get to the point where I think I’ve played every venue, a new one opens. Green Room 42 is the new hot space.”

For locals interested in seeing the show, Classic Heritage Tours is arranging a bus trip to the Big Apple.

Moser also hopes to hit the road, taking Ronstadt to other venues, maybe even his hometown.

“I’m always on to the next thing,” he said. “I always have something going on. When I don’t, I find I need my performing fix.”

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