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If you haven’t heard, Sunday was the Super Bowl. 

While the game was a relative snoozefest – Tampa Bay, led by quarterback Tom Brady, was up 15 at halftime and cruised to a 31-9 victory – there were still some moments of fun. The Weeknd’s halftime featured some camera work that is all too recognizable for parents who let their young children take photos with their cell phone, and a fan ran onto the field and exposed his backside before being pummeled by security guards and the commercials. 

Oh, the commercials. 

To me, there wasn’t a clear, defining one – there was no Doritos time machine, no clever Bud Light spot. What we did get a heavy dose of were ads for the new Paramount+. So many Paramount+ ads. 

The new streaming service is a rebranding of sorts for what was called CBS All Access and will bring together all the content and show libraries from Viacom properties like MTV, VH1, Comedy Central, CBS, BET and Nickelodeon. For everyone who ever dreamed of a “Big Bang Theory” and “Beavis and Butt-Head” crossover episode, now’s the chance for it. 

All of this really begs the question – how many streaming services are too many? With my basic cable and internet bundle, I’m already given the opportunity to watch HBO Max and Peacock (NBC’s streaming service) for free. I bought a Hulu subscription around the holidays because it was cheap (and worth every penny for all 331 episodes of “ER.”) I have my parents login to Amazon Prime, as well as Netflix. 

It almost like someone should think of a way to bundle all these streaming platforms together for one price. Isn’t this where it’s all headed, anyway? Or will people “cut the cord” to cable because of its rising prices, subscribe to all these independent services and end up paying the same price. 

At least the old way with cable, I could at least see the weather person botch another forecast and some shock jocks overreact to JuJu Smith-Schuster’s latest TikTok. 

I suppose only time will tell how this new streaming wars will figure itself out. 

In the meantime, what do you think a conversation between Sheldon Cooper and CatDog would be like?

(Pete Sirianni is the assistant editor at the New Castle News. Email him at or tweet him @petersirianni.)

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Pete Sirianni is the News' assistant editor and digital editor. He is a proud Indiana University of Pennsylvania graduate, earning a degree in journalism and public relations. Contact him at or on Twitter at @PeterSirianni.

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