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When’s the last time you cared about the Major League Baseball All-Star Game? 

For many people, it apparently was last week when MLB — a private organization operating inside a capitalistic system, mind you — decided to move its Midsummer Classic out of Atlanta in protest of Georgia’s new, controversial voting law. The reaction was swift, partisan and predictable. More liberal thinkers hailed the decision by the typically conservative and slow-to-change MLB. 

Those on the political right balked at the action, noting MLB was not only misinterpreting the law, but hurting the local economy of small businesses that benefit from a large events like this. (It’s worth wondering what an All-Star Game, normally with a fan fest and packed convention center, looks like during a pandemic.)

One common theme, however, was that MLB’s decision was cancel culture. But those aren’t my words — they’re from Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp.

“It means cancel culture and partisan activists are coming for your business,” Kemp said after MLB yanked the game from Atlanta’s Braves and awarded it to the Colorado Rockies in Denver. “They’re coming for your game, or event, in your hometown.”

Claims of a perceived “cancel culture,” quite frankly, are getting old. Unfortunately, it seems like we’ve graduated to outrage culture. 

Outraged when the publisher of Dr. Seuss books said it was voluntarily discontinuing six titles that are “hurtful and wrong,” to use their words, because of racist imagery. Outraged when Hasbro decides to update its packaging of the Mr. Potato Head toy. And outraged that rapper Lil Nas X would try to seduce Satan in a music video for a No. 1 song. 

Imagine explaining that last sentence to someone 10 years ago. Or just now, for that matter, for those who aren’t subscribers to Cancel Culture Weekly. 

Hey, that’s a good idea! I’ll start a newsletter so we can all be on the same page of who we’re canceling next, what businesses to boycott and what music to turn off when the radio station starts playing from the top charts. 

What’s the point of everyone being outraged if we can’t do so in a nice, orderly fashion?

(Pete Sirianni is the assistant editor at the New Castle News. Email him at or tweet him @petersirianni.)

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