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Layering spring bulbs like lasagna allows for a long-lasting blooming time.

My wife was complaining the other day that I don’t have enough dirty unmentionables to fill the washer properly. I do change daily, but during the summer months, shirt, shorts, and one other piece of clothing are all I need.

Unfortunately, according to the calendar, that is about to change. The socks and T-shirts are about to make their annual comeback. Since I have a very robust and muscular build, my T-shirts are about the size of a bed sheet and will fill the washer so full it needs to be set on heavy load.

Another event that is just around the corner is fall bulb planting. It is suggested that you plant your bulbs six weeks before the first frost. That usually happens around the middle of October. According to my calculations, you should be planting them by next Friday. This gives the bulb time to send out new roots to supply them with food for next spring’s blooms.

Something you might want to try this fall is planting bulbs lasagna style. Normally you plant your tulips or daffodils by themselves, and when they are done blooming, the show is over. Planting lasagna style will keep adding new blooms to your container or flower bed for quite a long time.

Note to self: Don’t ask your wife if she ever made lasagna. I guess she used to make it all the time, but that was years ago and I forgot!

Lasagna bulb planting can be done in a flower bed or container. Should you choose to use a container, you can use a 10-inch deep pot for two layers, or a 14-inch deep pot for three layers. You will need to know the exact bloom time of the plant to do this properly.

For the first layer, place 2 to 3 inches of soil in the bottom of the pot. Place your late blooming bulbs like tulips and daffodils on the soil, and cover them with 2 inches soil.

You are now ready for the middle row. That’s where you add your mid-spring flowering bulbs. You need to space them about 1 inch apart, so the bottom layer can fit their leaves through the gap in the bulbs. Cover the bulbs with an additional 2 inches of soil.

Now it’s time for the icing on the cake, the top layer. These should be made up of your earliest blooming bulbs like crocus or other small bulbs. Cover the top layer with 3 to 4 inches of soil, and mulch and water well. I would continue to water them until the very unfavorable weather arrives.

Follow the same example, if you want to plant them in the ground. Words to look for when buying bulbs are early, mid, and late spring bloom time. Early on top, mid in the middle, and late on the bottom.

You can also be thinking about dividing your spring and early summer blooming perennials. They are best divided in the season opposite of when they bloom. If they bloom in the spring, divide in the fall. Summer bloomers can be divided in late winter, early spring. Remove all flowers before replanting.

Getting back to my laundry situation, I wash all of my own shirts. I am forbidden to do the unmentionables, because she has some kind of secret formula that really gets them white and kills every bacteria known to man. I bet it would work on killing COVID-19 as well.

Should I ever get in an accident having on clean undergarments would not be a worry. Just laying on the table would probably sterilize the whole room.

Make your space a green place.

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