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Dorothy Burchett 

It all started about six years ago, when I went shopping out of town with friends.

I didn't really want or need anything, but since I had recently moved to the area, I was happy to be invited to go along. There were four of us, and we all rode up together.

There were lots of tryings on and oohs and ahs. I did some of it myself. Some ladies bought things, whether they needed them or not. Not me. I don't buy something unless I want, need or can use it.

Then we came to a discount clothing store, I didn't see anything I needed, but I found a couple of things I wanted and could use. One of them was a gray shrug.

I had plenty of sweaters, but this shrug was stylish and of a color that could go with just about anything. So I bought it.

I used that shrug a lot through those six years. It could make casual clothes look dressy and tone down an outfit that was a little too flamboyant for the occasion. I even wore it to Florida this winter when I was wearing shorts.

The weather was warm and I didn't need a sweater or wrap, but I know how cold it can get in air-conditioned restaurants. That's why I always wore my shrug into each restaurant and diner we entered.

Then, there was that Bronco Diner, where we had breakfast one morning. I didn't discover I had left it there until we were settled into our friend's timeshare 50 miles away — two days later.

I called the diner and they said they did not find a shrug that had been left there. I was so disappointed. I didn't realize how much I liked it until I no longer had it.

Sweetheart and I did some shopping while we were in Florida, but I didn't find anything that resembled the shrug I once had.

But I've been home for a while now and I decided the best approach would be to go to the same store where I got the first shrug and see if I could find one that would suffice. So, when one of my friends said she was going to be in that area, I asked to go along. When we got to the store, it took some searching and there was only a small selection, but I found one that would work.

I look forward to many exciting adventures while wearing my new shrug. It doesn't take much to make me happy.

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