Jimmy 'J.J.' Walker

Jimmy ‘J.J.’ Walker makes his pitch for a ‘free’ call to get Medicare information.

I saw Jimmy “J.J.” Walker on television the other night. In fact, I have been seeing him a lot lately.

You remember J.J., don’t you? He played James Evans Jr. on the TV sitcom, “Good Times,” from 1974-1979. He was famous for expressing his joy and exuberance in the word, “dyn-o-mite!”

He is now doing commercials for Social Security. He points out to watchers all of the benefits they could receive and what they could be missing.

At the end of the commercial, he says, “It’s FREE!” with all of the exuberance he once displayed almost 50 years ago.

Trouble is, if it’s Social Security, somebody else is paying for it. It’s supposed to be for people who have worked.

Why do people jump at the chance to get something free? It seems to me that every time something is free, someone else pays for it.

It is my belief that something isn’t free unless somebody has something, is tired of it and throws it out.

For instance, many years ago, I was in the laundromat one day washing the family’s clothes. Scattered around the facility on the seats and the folding tables were recipe leaflets that featured Kraft Foods.

It was during the Christmas season, and the foods that were featured were appropriate for the season. They looked like they would be tasty. Even though there were no signs saying they were free, I took one home.

That was one of the best free items I ever got. I prepared some of those recipes for my family, and I still make them. I make Paradise Pumpkin Pie for Sweetheart and any guests who should come to the house. I make Holly Holiday Appetizer Balls and Spinach Party Ryes and take them to the Gospel jam on Sunday nights.,

I tried some other recipes and didn’t like them, and there are some that I would still like to try.

Sometimes, Sweetheart and I see used items sitting along the side of the road with a big sign that says “free” on it. They are usually things that didn’t sell at the garage sale and the owner still wants to get rid of. Sweetheart and I have put things out there ourselves.

Well, last week we passed a few items on our route to church. There was a neat-looking wooden item that I thought would come in handy, so we stopped and got it on the way home. It turned out to be a magazine rack, of sorts.

I discovered that one side was coming apart and would need to be glued back on. It didn’t take long for Sweetheart to fix it and now it looks pretty good.

However, as I take another look at it, I don’t see how I could use it, after all.

All that’s free is not necessarily, “dyn-o-mite!.”

(Dorothy Knight Burchett is the author of the book “Miles and Miracles,” available on Amazon. Contact her at dorothybutzknight@gmail.com)

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