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Pitt-Titusville students get hands-on experience.

TITUSVILLE — After graduating its first cohort of manufacturing students in the winter of 2021, the Manufacturing Assistance Center continues operations with both Basic Machining and CNC Programming classes throughout 2022.

The MAC began as part of the University of Pittsburgh’s Swanson School of Engineering to provide workforce training to members of the Pittsburgh community without the requirement of college admittance.

Having expanded to Titusville as part of Pitt-Titusville’s Education and Training Hub, the MAC continues to provide advanced, hands-on training for those that qualify. Utilizing grants and scholarships, recruiters for the MAC work to ensure that potential students can achieve certifications with little or no cost to them.

“The MAC team’s ability to work around my work schedule and help me pay for the program has been amazing,” said Kayleigh Lott, one of the graduates of the MAC’s first basic machining cohorts in Titusville.

“The school helped me with the first program completely and then they got me in touch with Career Link which actually paid for the advanced CNC program.”

When asked how much of her own money she had invested in her manufacturing education to this point, Lott shared, “Zero dollars.”

Dr. David Fitz, the hub’s interim executive director shared, “Sometimes people see the Pitt logo and their first thought is, ‘I need a job, not a two-year degree.’ The beauty of the MAC is it gets someone a certification that gets them real attention in the job market. And for those people who already know how to operate mills and lathes, our CNC programming course gives them a real leg up like nothing else. Not in two years or in four years but in as few as six weeks for each course.”

In addition to the training the MAC provides with grinders, mills, and lathes through its basic machining course and CNC programming for its advanced class, the MAC continues to add cutting-edge hardware to its collection. Via the assistance of a federal Workforce Opportunity for Rural Communities grant the MAC recently installed a $50,000 coordinate-measuring machine for training and performance evaluative purposes.

Prospective students can submit applications at any time through the MAC’s website www.upt.pitt.edu/mac.

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