The following local residents recently graduated from Butler County Community College.

Edinburg: Codey Barber, Aaliyah Burrows, Melissa Griffith, Branda Lenhardt, Melissa Masterino

Ellwood City: Kelton Docchio, Avery Dudek, Liam Grinnen, Katelyn Lopes, Amie Lucy, Shylee Schwartz, James Timmerman, Kaitlyn Wright, Carley Zak

New Castle: Candice Walter,Samuel Alden, Chai’h Andrews-Carter, Emily Bethle, Tanai Brothers, Alaina Cantakis, Tara Colbert, Randy Conner, Linsey Covelli, Alexis Donati, Alexandra Engen, Ashley Fitzgibbons, Gracie Hall, Alyssa Henderson, Mikala Henry, Alexander Huffman, Frank Innocenzi, Shania Johns, Shane King, Madison Lohr, Christopher Maize, Ethan Masajada, Crystal McClure, Jacob McCrumb, Lucille Montgomery, Abagail Morrison, Kaitlyn Penwell, Nicole Priscilla, Stephanie Riddle, Billie Rolle, Jordan Sager, Demari Searcy, Kristen Simon, Shauna Singer, Melissa Smiley, Kayla Smith, Molly Trodden, Michaela Unrue, Ryan Veinotte, Jacob Voland, Tabitha Wilkins, Natasha Williams, Ashlee Wolford,

New Wilmington: Severio Costello, Benjamin Robb

Portersville: Zachary Colton, Taylor Eaton, Christopher Mack

Pulaski: Kimberly Rodgers, Amanda Rohan

Slippery Rock: Lauren Broad, Matthew Cesare, Ashley Christley, Christopher Coleman, Kerem Dogan, Amber Durban, Carly Durnell, Kara Eppinger, Morgan Frazier, Camryn Green, Shyan Grossman, Laura Gutauskas, Amanda Huffmyer, Michelle Isacco, Kirra Latoza, Emily Simmons, Stacy Jo Stewart, Alexis Vogan, Joseph Wells, Eric Young,

Volant: Dominic Gargiulo, Lori Gorgas, Megan Patterson

Wampum: Gabbey Cionni,Saylee Grinnen, Thomas Groves, Jenna Hoak, Alyssa Huffman, Jacob Janowski, Bethann Landman, Kurtis Larry, Logan Nemes, Bethanie Smith

West Pittsburg: Eric Pastore

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