Ellwood City Borough has been recognized by American Municipal Power Inc. in the organization’s publication, “Member Spotlight.”

The borough was singled out as its “spotlight” customer in an online article, due to its sense of community and commitment to efficient energy use. The borough buys its electrical power wholesale from American Municipal Power.

Ellwood City and its downtown are leaders in LED lighting technology, according to the article. Appalachian Lighting, an Ellwood City area company that produces and manufactures LED lighting, made Ellwood City the first U.S. community to have that type of energy-reducing lighting 100 percent outdoors.

All of the traffic signals and walks-and-waits have been reduced from 60 to 6 watts, 200 decorative street light poles have been changed to LED bulbs decreasing wattage from 100 to about 30 watts per light, and more than 700 overhead street lights have been replaced with LED lighting, decreasing wattage from 175 to 60 watts.

The borough lights dim to 30 watts around 2 a.m. for continued efficiency, and can be programmed to turn on and off at certain times.

The borough as a result has seen a reduction of more than 60 percent in its energy usage.

The borough provides energy-and money-saving tips for residents to reduce their energy footprint, assist the community and lower monthly bills.

As a member of AMP, Ellwood City participates in a number of its programs and projects that assist in providing reliable energy and other benefits to the community. They include:

•Landfill gas energy, a mixture of gases produced by decomposing garbage and collected by a series of pipes for use in diesel generator units (landfill gas-to-energy sites directly reduce greenhouse gas emissions).

•Mutual Aid, a network of municipal electric systems that assist each other when utility emergencies occur that are too widespread to be handled by one system alone.

•Member of Pennsylvania AMP Service Group.

According to the online article, Ellwood City Borough was founded in 1892 by developer Henry Watters Hartman and was named for Isaac Ellwood, one of the inventors of barbed wire.

The borough played a significant role in the seamless tube industry. The first seamless steel tubes in America were pierced in Ellwood City in 1895 by inventor and engineer Ralph Stiefel.

Ellwood City has a population of more than 8,500 residents and still has manufacturers and industrial mill operations, the article states.

Some major employers there include the Ellwood City Forge, Ellwood Savings Bank, Eric Ryan Corp., Heraeus Electro Nite Co. LLC, INMETCO, and Nalco Co. Recently, the borough council worked with a local company to subdivide vacant property to make land available for additional industrial use. The new site will promote new business for an additional 40 to 50 new jobs.

The Ellwood City Revitalization civic group has been involved in future development of central business activities.

For more information, please visit www.ecboro.com.

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