A city policeman and another driver were injured Wednesday following a collision on North Mercer Street.

The New Castle police cruiser, driven by patrolman David Maiella, crashed into a utility pole after hitting a black Nissan Sentra broadside around 12:15 p.m. The car was driven by Dorothy S. Myers, 28, of 506 Young St.

Both cars were severely damaged, according to police. Both drivers were treated at Jameson Hospital and released.

Myers had two toddlers in the car, Damone Hayes III, 1, and Ayanna Hayes, 2. Both were uninjured.

Their father, Damone Hayes II, said he had been inside the Capitol Grille when the accident happened in front of the bar.

Robin Stanton, who also was inside, said she was witnessed the crash.

“She was going left into the lot and the cop put his siren on just behind her,” Stanton said of Myers, who had gone to pick up Hayes at the bar. “She didn’t see him and he hit her and spun her car around.”

Myers had told a city officer she had been unaware of Maiella’s patrol car behind her and she had not seen or heard anything.

After the collision, another officer reached inside the damaged cruiser and turned off the sirens and flashing lights.

A state police trooper investigated the accident.

According to a report issued Wednesday, Maiella was en route to an accident on Cascade Street with his emergency lights and sirens running. He was driving south on Mercer Street and tried to pass Myers on the left as she was turning left into a parking lot and his car struck hers.

Witnesses said it all was so fast some of them didn’t know what really had happened.

Jack Gill, a New Castle News advertising employee, said he was driving south on North Mercer Street, two cars in front of Maiella’s cruiser, and that the cruiser lights were flashing. Myers’ car was between them.

“I was looking for a place to pull over,” he said, and drove into a lot.

“The next thing I knew, (the officer) hit the black car and then the pole,” Gill said. “That was a strange deal there as I was seeing this unfold.”

Shirley Sallmen and her husband were traveling south in a van and were stopped at the Falls Street red light, “when boom, My husband said, ‘Oh, my God, he just hit that car broadside.’ Smoke was just flying everywhere.”

Maiella’s air bags deployed.

Ambulance crew members placed a neck brace on him and moved him by gurney to an ambulance.

Myers also was carried to the ambulance on a stretcher.

New Castle News reporter David Burcham contributed to this report.

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