As guests’ eyes are trained on couples come their wedding days, it is no surprise that both the bride and groom want to look flawless on their big days.

Men and women will spend thousands of dollars on clothing, hairstyling, makeup, teeth whitening, fitness classes, and more to ensure they look their best.

While couples may be particularly concerned with their wedding day appearance, what they wear under their clothing — particularly for women — can impact how clothes fit and look.

Choosing the right bra or supportive undergarments can play a crucial role in how a gown fits and whether or not brides achieve that picture-perfect look.

Wearing the wrong undergarments can negatively affect a bride’s appearance and make her extremely uncomfortable.

According to a study done by Swiss lingerie company Triumph, a large number of women are choosing their bras incorrectly.

The international survey of 10,000 women found that 64 percent of them are wearing the wrong size bras. If women are wearing the wrong undergarments for everyday looks, it stands to reason that their wedding choices may not be spot on, either.

Undergarments should be purchased and brought to all fittings as soon as a gown is selected.

In fact, it often is a good idea to ask the bridal store employees to suggest a bra or corset that will complement the gown and remain invisible beneath the dress. Some shops will make bras available when trying on gowns. Brides are not obligated to purchase undergarments where they purchase their gowns, but take note of the brand and style and find a similar one elsewhere that fits with your budget if you don’t want to buy at the store.

Pay attention to the gown’s fabric and how dense it is. Certain shapewear, including bras, that have a lot of boning in them to shape and support the body can show under bridal dresses without a lot of layers. Always try on the bra with the gown to gauge the finished look. You may opt for simpler and plain lingerie styles so that you will be guaranteed a seamless appearance. Nude-colored bras tend to be less noticeable than white. You always can purchase something with more pizazz to change into for the wedding night. Some dresses with plunging necklines or backless designs may necessitate other options. Sew-in bra cups are another option that can lend invisible support.

Women with more ample busts may want to select gowns that will allow for bras with supportive straps to be worn. This way there is no worry about strapless bras or other style lingerie slipping down.

In addition to bras, other types of shapewear can enhance certain areas of the body or downplay perceived flaws. Shapewear can smooth and pull in stomachs. Choose boy shorts or thong-style cuts for a seamless finish. Shapers can smooth out bulges on the back, legs and hips, too. There also are special shorts that have some padding in the rear to create a more curvy look.

Bras and other shapewear can make a world of difference in how wedding attire looks and feels. Invest in some quality pieces that will highlight wardrobes to their fullest.

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