Scott Township Volunteer Fire Department

One of Scott Township's fleet

Station Number: 1500

Address: 3712 Harlansburg Road, New Castle, Pa. 16102

Non-emergency number: (724) 656-8299

Chief: Jack C. Hitchen

Officers: 1st Assistant Chief David E. Rodgers, 2nd Assistant Chief Mike A. Rodgers, Capt. David L. Rodgers, Lt. Phillip E. Rodgers, Fire Police Chief Darryll C. Hill, Assistant Fire Police Chief Brad W. Glen, EMS Captain Mark D. Sodersten.

Other members: Chris J. Everly, Robert Sauers, Brian D. Walters, James M. White, Jeffery L. Shaw, Josh Price, April Hayden, Rodger W. Green, Kaili J. Sallmen, Bryan W. Dorr, Nancy J. Rodgers, William Morrison, Carrie E. Myers, John C. Bovard, Nick E. Belski, Tracy K. Green, Kim J. Rodgers, Debbie L. Carper, Gary L. Glenn, Brian S. Shaw, Doug A. Sallmen Jr. Jason Alberico, Brand R. Bedilion, Cathy S. Sodersten, Steve P. Akins, Jacob T. Flowers, Maria Rodgers, Lewis L. Laughlin, Chris D. Anderson, Corey M. Gump, G.F. Richardson, Maverick S. Marciante, Allen Hitchen, Brittany A. Taylor.


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