North Beaver Volunteer Fire Department

Station Number: 700

Founded: 1947

Address: 969 Mount Jackson Road, New Castle, Pa. 16102

Non-emergency phone: (724) 667-8490

Total members: 45

Chief: Paul Henry

Officers: Assistant Chiefs Chris Snedeker, Sonny Miller; Captains Jason Daughtry, Frank Jannetti; Lieutenants Sean Snedeker, Tyler Claypool; EMS Chief Tina Marshall; Fire Police Chief Dennis Patterson; Fire Police Deputies: Armande Perrotta, Butch McKinnis.

Other Members: Dean Adamo, Brandon Aikman, Jim Badger, Madison Bredl, Steven Carroll, Dan Bender, Matt Daughtry, Ed Doherty, Debbie Donaldson, Devon Fagan, Tom Gleghorn, Wendell Harman, Jean Henry,  Bill Marshall, Billie Jo Marshall, Kevin Martin, Tim McConaughy, Rebecca McConaughy, Travis McConaughy, Justin McConnell, Sara McCready, Sherry McMurray, Lester McKinnis, Cathy Meade, Tom Meade, Michele Miller, Joe “Sunny” Miller, Jeff Mowrey, Ed Novad, Austin Pagley, Dennis Patterson, Josh Patterson, Chris Ramage, Dan Ruby, Sara Lee Ruby, David Shiderly, Sharlene Shiderly. 

Number of 2016 calls: 220

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