Three Mohawk students took charge to organize a fall round-up.

The event was created by Family, Career and Community Leaders of America members and overseen by Chelsey Ball, Anna Hostetler and Kelli Hostetler.

About 120 kindergarten students participated in the program at Mohawk Elementary School to learn about healthy eating and where their food comes from.

The students had help from fellow FCCLA members and the child development students to help run the stations and games for the event. 

Farm-themed stations were created for the kindergarteners to visit. Some included corral the cow, lasso the horse, milk the cow, square dancing and guess the mystery vegetable. The last station at the round-up was created by child development students while they were learning about the development of kindergarteners. Student teacher Allison Arisman, along with Mohawk’s FCS teacher Mary Fleming organized the students in pairs and developed a farm theme center that was developmentally appropriate for kindergarteners. The class voted on a stick horse relay race created by Thomas Brunton and Mikayla Harmony.

Several national, state, and local businesses and organizations were contacted by the three FCCLA student leaders to see if they would donate prizes for the event. Packages came from The Potato Board, The Beef Council, The Pork Board and several more. So many donations were received that goodie bags and parent packets were sent home with every student.

The kindergartners learned about the foods we get from farms while getting to explore and play in their station.

Chelsey, Anna, and Kelli also arranged for animals and a tractor to be at the school so the kids could see firsthand some of the animals that live on a farm. Students Hanna Rohrmann brought two cows, Kylee Barger brought two of her rabbits and Tyler Bobin brought ducklings, ducks, several chickens and turkeys.

Everyone was asked to dress in their best cowboy/cowgirl outfit for the event. 

With help of 24 FCCLA members and the child development students from the high school, the FCCLA Fall Round-Up was a huge success. 

Chelsey, Anna, and Kelli plan on using this event to compete in STAR Events at the state level for FCCLA with the hopes that they will make it to the national competition in San Diego.

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