Since Ebola cases appeared in the United States, there has been no shortage of misinformation. Fake Ebola cures are being peddled online, as are charities claiming to help Ebola victims. The Internet is still buzzing with the aftershock of this fake viral story claiming the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had quarantined a whole small town in Texas following the infection of a family of five. Even some individuals have gotten in on the trend claiming to be infected, a choice that's landed some of them in jail.

  1. One Ohio woman apparently thought that lying and saying her sister had recently traveled to Africa and that she thought she could have Ebola would get a faster EMS response. 
    She was right, and according to The Columbus Dispatch, emergency services responded "as if the woman really did have Ebola — they wore hazmat suits and roped off the house with crime-scene tape."
  2. A man in Horn Lake, Mississippi called a fire station saying a friend showing Ebola symptoms was "headed in their direction" and that the friend had recently traveled from West Africa. 
    WREG reported that firefighters called health department officials and had contained the man in his vehicle before he admitted the whole thing had been a prank. 
  3. A newly booked Nevada inmate took a trip to the hospital after claiming to have Ebola symptoms and, you guessed it, saying he or she had recently visited West Africa.
    According to The Las Vegas Review-Journal, the inmate was segregated and "areas where he or she had been" were decontaminated. Testing at the hospital proved the Ebola claim to be untrue and further investigation revealed that the inmate had never traveled out of the United States.
  4. An Oklahoma woman visited a hospital complaining of fever and, in a departure from the Ebola-fakers so far, claimed to have contracted the disease from an African exchange student. 
    While examining her, nurses realized the woman was intoxicated and, according to KSWO she "began faking seizures and head butting nurses." 
    The woman was cleared at the hospital and arrested. She has been charged with assault and disturbing the peace.

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