TEETH AND TOTS Doctors from the Lawrence County Dental Society provided free dental check-ups to all the preschoolers at Head Start last week week. In addition to Dr. Andrew Matta, who serves on the Head Start Health Advisory Committee, colleagues Dr. Paula Joseph, Dr. Terry Massie, Dr. John Dietz and Dr. David Spokane asked youngsters to show them their pearly whites.

PREVENTION Betsy Spargo, Head Start director, said having this level of commitment from the volunteer dentists, enhances the comprehensive screening efforts offered. “It further exemplifies to Head Start families and the rest of the Lawrence County community the importance of preventative care, which is critical in ensuring a child’s kindergarten readiness and later health and school success.”

INFORMATION Betty Stoner, the Health and Nutrition Coordinator for Head Start, said parents are happy to have this opportunity to have their child receive a dental exam. “The dentists are taking the time to answer parents questions, and make the children comfortable for what might be their first dental experience. These are important in order to encourage families to continue to having their child visit the dentist.”

NOT JUST TEETH The last two weeks of July, youngsters at Head Start facilities across the county receive a full complement of screenings from local professionals and Head Start staffers. In addition to the dentists, participants are: Lawrence County Blind Association, vision; Humility of Mary Health Partners, hearing; Jameson Health System, speech and language; Head Start staff and parents, social/emotional; and Head Start staff, perceptual, cognitive and motor skills.

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