Photo by Tiffany Wolfe North Beaver Township resident Ivan Raney, a member of the Westfield Grange, works the apple butter booth at the Lawrence County Fair. Each day, a different county grange makes and sells apple butter.

Even the county fair can get boring for farm kids who stay on the grounds all week.

For them — and other interested youngsters — the “Farm Olympics” were born to add some fun with farm-themed contests.

“A lot of farm families have been here morning, noon and night,” Heather McKissick said. “This is a break for them.”

Thursday afternoon, about 60 kids ranging from pre-schoolers to teens gathered at the dog pavilion to jump, race, toss and even get spattered with egg as their parents and grandparents cheered them on.

The afternoon began with sack races, then moved on to three-legged races, wheelbarrow races, an egg race and an egg toss.

The event ended with a contest to see who could throw a bale of hay the farthest.

A few skinny kids, who could hardly lift the hay bales, let alone toss them, tried first, but this was a contest for adults.

Brad Wilson of Volant was declared the winner after the top three contenders tossed the bale twice and their distances were averaged.

The top three took home John Deere license plates and some coupons for restaurants and grocery stores.

The youngsters won T-shirts and guns that shoot bubbles, as well as potato chips and coupons for fast food.

In the end, a hot and sweaty bunch of kids returned to their families happily worn out and ready to enjoy another night of the fair — although some of them had a little raw egg clinging to their clothes.

Loren Hammerschmidt organized the games with the help of Heather Wilson, Renee Kenny and McKissick.


 6 p.m. — Cow Patty Bingo at the dog pavilion

7 p.m. — Lawrence County’s Got Talent at the community building

7 p.m. — Lead line contest at the livestock arena

7:30 p.m. — Ernie Valley as Elvis at the dog pavilion


9 a.m. — 4-H Horse Show at the horse arena

10 a.m. — Junior livestock sale at the livestock arena

10 a.m. — Draft horse pull at the grandstand

1:30 p.m. — Pride and Shine big rigs at the dog pavilion

2 p.m. — Haymaker The Rock Band at the dog pavilion

5:30 p.m. — Lawrence County Community Band at the community building

5:30 p.m. — Drag race and truck and tractor pull at the grandstand

7 p.m. — Mitch Nassar Christian Band at the community building

10:30 p.m. — Fireworks at the grandstand.

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