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March 15, 2012

Photos, Story: Local students shine at science event

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Wilmington High teams took first place in both divisions of the Northwest Regional Science Olympiad.

Meanwhile, Laurel’s junior- and senior-high teams claimed a pair of fourth places.

All four local teams advance to state competition in April.

The regional event took place on Penn State University’s Erie campus. Overall, 24 schools were represented in a field of 46 events touching on biology, earth science, chemistry, engineering, physics and computer.

At the Olympiad, students compete in events that can involve building, knowledge or technology challenges. The top four students in each event earn a medal, and individual scores are added together to come up with a team score. Teams finishing in first through fourth places move on to the next round.

Local medal winners were:


Division B

Gold Medals

Rocks and Minerals: Claire Wozniak and Jessica Cameron

Dynamic Planet: Martin Erson and Calvin Gealy

Optics: Martin Erson and Anna Heasley

Water Quality: Anna Heasley and Rose Fette

Towers: LingEr Williams and Emily Reed

Awesome Aquifers: Tyler Deemer and Calvin Gealy

Keep the Heat: Nathan Twigg and Jared Berlin

Silver medals

Anatomy: LingEr Williams and Emily Reed

Microbe Mission: Anna Heasley and Amanda McCreary

Mission Possible: Jake Poteet, Calvin Gealy and Tyler Deemer

Bronze medals

Meteorology: Amanda McCreary and Jessica Cameron

Road Scholar: Nathan Twigg and Jared Berlin

Compute This: 4th, Jake Poteet and Calvin Gealy

Science Crime Busters: 4th, Jessica Cameron and Amanda McCreary.

Division C

Gold medals

Disease Detectives: Michelle Russell and Niko Martini

Forestry: Kate Robb and Michelle Russell

Robot Arm: Mark Vavithes and Niko Martini

Towers: Kaitlyn Muscarella and Julianna Twigg

Silver medals

Anatomy: Kaitlyn Muscarella and Julianna Twigg

Dynamic Planet: Anna Hartwell and Madison Hartner

Gravity Vehicle: Mark Vavithes and James Gardner

Helicopters: Linzy Borowicz and James Gardner

Thermodynamics: Catherine Foltz and Grace Gealy

Bronze medals

Protein Modeling: Niko Martini, Kate Robb and Bella Sturm

Rocks and Minerals: Linzy Borowicz and Hannah Winters

Write It/Do It: Linzy Borowicz and Jake Berlin

Optics: 4th, Mark Vavithes and Catherine Foltz.

Rounding out Wilmington’s teams were Claire DiMuccio and Mitchel Whiting.


Gold medals

Astronomy: Sam Baker and Tonya Lenhart

Thermodynamics: Drew Brooks and Amanda Moon

Water Quality: Ciara Hovis and Dalainey Meals

Compute This: Alec Covelli and Hannah Soom

Forestry: Colton Brown and Hailey Tammaro

Storm the Castle: Alex Brooks and Paige Covelli

Silver medals

Forestry: Ciara Hovis and Loren McConnell

Microbe Mission: Taylor Beatty and Ciara Hovis

Optics: Drew Brooks and Dalainey Meals

Rocks: Sam Baker and Tonya Lenhart

Road Scholars: Gabbi Kosek and Jake Wright

Bronze medals

Forensics: Taylor Beatty and Marlon Tanner

Helicopters: Dalainey Meals and Ben Armando

Bottle Rockets: Colton Brown and Bryanna Musser

Crime Busters: Jake Wright and Diana Pontius

Mousetrap: Colton Brown and Alex Brooks


Protein Modeling: Rachael Baker and Marlon Tanner

Sounds of Music: Andrew Brooks and Amanda Moon

Meteorology: Chloe Brown and Hannah Soom

Rocks: Diana Pontius and Alec Covelli in Rocks