New Castle News

June 25, 2013

Hillsville man accused in assaults

By Staff
New Castle News


A Hillsville man has been jailed on charges of indecent assault of a woman, and assault of two police officers.

Mahoning Township police have charged Michael C. Pezzulo, 36, of 419 Overlook Drive, faces one count each of indecent assault and harassment after he allegedly grabbed, kissed and improperly touched a female worker of a Mahoning Township business around 8:45 p.m. Saturday.

Pezzulo later allegedly assaulted a Mahoning Township police officer and an assisting Bessemer officer as they were arresting him.

Police said Pezzulo told them that he was not to be arrested and that one phone call to two of the township supervisors would have everything “taken care of.”

When the officers attempted to detain him, he tried to run into a house in the 4000 block of West Main Street, according to reports.

Police said he struck the Mahoning Township officer  several times and ripped his shirt. The officer said he tried to subdue Pezzulo and punched him and used his Taser twice. The Bessemer officer used his baton.

Pezzulo as a result additionally faces two counts each of aggravated assault and resisting arrest for intentionally trying to cause bodily injury to the officers.

Pezzulo as of yesterday afternoon was in the Lawrence County jail on $1,000 bond for the alleged indecent assault charges. He had not yet been arraigned on the assault charges on the officers.