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April 17, 2014

North Hill man faces stalking charges

NEW CASTLE — A North Hill man is facing charges for allegedly stalking a neighbor who complained he has been watching her.

New Castle police have charged Donald Dean Crews, 53, of 228 E. Fairmont Ave. with two counts each of stalking and harassment.

A woman told police Crews has been trying to have contact with her since November. She said he would go to her house every day and knock on the door and peer through the window. She said she did not answer the door or have any contact with him, police reported.

Crews knows her work schedule, she told officers, and when she arrived home he would open his door and watch her as she got out of her car.

In December, the woman told police, she and a friend were returning to her house from a Christmas party around midnight and Crews was waiting on her porch. Her friend asked if he was OK or if he needed something, she said, but Crews did not answer. She said she called 911 and an ambulance arrived at Crews’ house a short time later.

She said she received a letter in the mail Jan. 10 with the return address of “Don Dean” and Crews’ address. It contained a paper with the name “Don” and a phone number.

She said she called police and an officer went and spoke to Crews, telling him he was to have no further contact with the woman.

Crews’ daily visits persisted after that, the woman told police, and on Valentine’s Day he knocked on her door twice.

She said she had told her neighbors what was going on and they began to yell and confront him when he walked over to her house. Some of the neighbors also photographed him on her porch, she said.

The woman said she received a second letter April 8 with no return address, but the same handwriting as on the first letter and containing sentences with vulgarities that made no sense.

The woman told police she had given copies of the letter to her neighbors and put a copy in one neighbor’s mailbox. Crews was watching, she told officers, went to that mailbox and looked through that neighbor’s mail.

A neighbor told police she had seen Crews going through that person’s mail and saw him on the woman’s porch and her next-door neighbor’s.

When police went to Crews’ house the first time, no one answered the door. They returned Friday, they said, found him in a wheelchair and told him he would receive a summons.

Officers said at Crews apologized and told them he would not do it again.

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