New Castle News

August 30, 2013

Copper stolen from substation, cell tower

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Pulaski Township police are looking for the thieves who stole copper wiring from a power substation and cell phone tower.

The first theft was reported Saturday and involved the removal of about 30 feet of copper wire cut from a Verizon cell tower in the 100 block of Pine Glen Road. Police believe the intruders entered the area through a hole in the fence.

Police were called Tuesday to the Penn Power substation on Route 422 near Hillsville Road, where 158 feet of copper grounding wire had been cut from the substation plant.

A Penn Power employee told police he believes someone had to have knowledge of how the station is set up. Had all the ground wires been cut, police were told, it would have shorted out the station and the person would have been electrocuted.

The Penn Power spokesman told police this was not the first time wiring had been stolen from a substation in that area.

Police said someone evidently had cut two holes in the back of a fence that surrounds the substation to enter the property.

Anyone who has information about the thefts, including anyone at recycling facilities, is encouraged to contact the police at (724) 964-8891.