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December 31, 2013

Four charged in Ellwood City robbery

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Three people are suspects in the robbery of two people trying to buy a car in Ellwood City.

A fourth woman has been charged for allegedly trying to shut police out of a house where one of the suspects was located.

Ellwood City police arrested Kevin Hurt, 24, of Aliquippa in connection with the incident. He is in the Lawrence County jail on $50,000 bond.

His two alleged accomplices, Tiffany Pounds, 18, of 104 13th St., and Caroline L. DeNome, 54, of 417 Seventh St., Ellwood City, are wanted on warrants.

According to police, two men called around 8 p.m. Thursday saying they had been robbed 20 minutes earlier while trying to buy a car. They said they had arranged with Pounds and another woman to look at a blue Chevy Cavalier.

They had gone to DeNome’s house, where one of the victims stayed outside to smoke a cigarette while the prospective buyer, Pounds and DeNome, the alleged car owner, were inside.

As they sat at the kitchen table to discuss sale terms, the man buying the car put his $2,000 on the table because it was the asking price, he told police. Then he noticed the title showed Ford, not Chevrolet, as the make.

Seeing that, he picked up his money but Pounds reached across the table and tried to rip it out of his hands, saying, “Give me my money, baby,” he told police.

The man said he wrestled with her and another man, later identified as Hurt, approached him from behind with a steak knife and grabbed him.

They struggled into the living room and the man said Pounds and the man with the knife kept punching and choking him as Pounds said, “Get my money, baby, get it back.”

The man buying the car said he had managed to get out the front door and handed the $2,000 to his friend. His friend fell off the porch with the money in his hand, and Pounds and Hurt punched and kicked him, they told police. The friend said that while he was on the ground, Pounds and Hurt went through his pockets and took $450.

The man who wanted to buy the car went to his truck, pulled out a sledge hammer and approached Pounds and Hurt.

The second man then ran to their truck and sat in the driver’s seat with the $2,000. He told police Pounds then jumped halfway through the driver’s side window, snatched the money from beside his leg and ran.

When police arrived, the two men showed them where Pounds lived. Hurt was on the front porch and the victims identified him as their attacker, police said.

Hurt stepped back into the house, leaving the door open, then pulled out what appeared to be a gun and hid it in a window sill, police said.

The officers ordered him to step out and show his hands, and they arrested him.

At that point, several of Pounds’ family members were screaming at police, they said, and Linda Boots, 46, of 104 13th St. tried to shut the front door when officers asked if a gun was hidden in side.

One office forced the door open, searched and pulled out a handgun.

Police have charged Hurt, Pounds and DeNome with one count each of robbery, theft, conspiracy to commit robbery and theft.

They charged Boots with hindering apprehension and obstruction of administration of law. She also is wanted on a warrant.

Hurt was arraigned by District Judge Jerry G. Cartwright and a preliminary hearing set for Tuesday.