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May 22, 2013

Primary 2013: Former mayor wins city council nomination

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — New Castle City Council will have three new members next year as a result of Tuesday’s primary.

Tim Fulkerson and Anthony J. Adamo won the two Democratic nominations for four-year terms.

In the process, council president MaryAnne Gavrile and Councilman Thomas Smith lost bids for the party nomination by finishing third and fourth respectively.

Adamo also won the party’s nomination for a two-year term.

Fulkerson, who served two terms as mayor in the 1990s, received 736 votes, according to the Lawrence County Board of Elections.

Adamo, who works at the Lawrence County jail, received 678 votes.

Gavrile, who is in her first term, received 645 votes and Smith had 584 votes. Smith was appointed to fill a vacancy last year.

Jim Lombardo, who teamed with Fulkerson in the primary campaign, received 475 votes and Michael Caruso had 284 votes.

For the two-year term, Adamo had 669 votes, Gavrile 555 votes and Smith 533 votes. The other three Democrats did not file for the two–year term.

William Schafer and Rosemary Henderson were the lone candidates for council on the Republican ballot.

Schafer received 259 votes and Henderson 185 votes for the four–year term.

Henderson also received 356 votes for the two-year term. She was the lone candidate seeking the two-year term.

Councilman Ed Yerage, who is in the final year of a four-year term, did not seek re-election.