New Castle News

September 18, 2012

County creates five new positions

Nancy Lowry
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Five new positions approved at Monday’s salary board are not expected to create additional financial burden for the county.

President Judge Dominick Motto asked that two temporary full-time positions be created for Judge John W. Hodge. Currently, Motto said, Hodge’s secretary is on sick leave and his law clerk is on maternity leave. Both new positions will be terminated when the original employees return.

Motto said he believes funding for the new positions — $869.40 for the confidential secretary post and $1,462 for the law clerk, both paid every two weeks — can come from money originally budgeted for jurors. Actual jury expenses have been lower than anticipated, a trend which Motto said he expects to continue.

The requests were approved 5-0 by the three commissioners and county controller David Gettings — the permanent members of salary board — along with Motto, who becomes a voting member of the board on issues dealing with the courts.

The board also unanimously approved the request of children and youth services director Sandy Copper to create a temporary caseworker post.

That position, which pays $28,439.40, will cover for a full-time caseworker who is at the University of Pittsburgh for a child welfare research and advanced social worker program. This employee will return to county employment after completing the program. About 95 percent of the absent employee’s salary and benefits are being reimbursed through the program, according to commissioner chairman Dan Vogler.

In addition, a caseworker-manager post, with a salary of $25,757, will be eliminated and replaced with a foster program case specialist, a non-union position paying $30,000 per year.

The final position, created at the request of Brian Covert, jail warden, is a part-time administrative floater position, at $10 per hour. This position, which will oversee administrative duties throughout the jail, is limited to 32 hours a week and includes no benefits.

It takes the place of a part-time corrections officer, which has been eliminated. That position had a salary of $15.25 per hour.

This post also was approved unanimously.