New Castle News

October 18, 2013

Homing pigeon can’t find home

David Burcham
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — It appears that a disoriented homing pigeon has taken up residence in Slippery Rock Township.

Darlene Link of 228 Rose Point Road says the bird showed up in her yard Tuesday afternoon and was still there as of last night.

“It has a bright green band on its right leg with the number 366,” Darlene said. “There’s a dark blue band on its left leg, but there is no writing on it.”

Darlene said the pigeon stayed in her garage Tuesday night. “I can’t believe one little bird could make such a mess,” she said.

Darlene hoped the bird would get its bearings the next day and set out for home. But that didn’t happen.

Instead, the bird spent Wednesday and yesterday, going back and forth between Darlene’s roof the house next door, which belongs to her brother, Douglas Cooper.

Darlene said the bird is “real comfortable around people” and has been eating out of her hand.

Homing pigeons often travel hundreds of miles and 30 to 50 miles per hour until arriving at their home base. There are several racing pigeon clubs in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Darlene said she notified the state game commission, but it was unable to assist.

Darlene said she and her brothers have decided to not put any bird feed out to encourage the bird to leave.

But so far, that hasn’t worked.