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January 25, 2013

Gary Church: California dreamin’? More like a nightmare

NEW CASTLE — I mentioned in one of my blogs that Larry Blews and I took an excursion to Reno, Nev.

Since we were in the neighborhood, Larry thought it would be a nice gesture to visit his brother, Lee, who was stationed in California.

I don't think it was as close to Reno as Larry thought it was.

When we got to the Army base, we asked the general if he knew where we might find Lee Blews.

The next thing I knew, we were on the back of a troop convoy truck, being shipped to who knows where.

I still don't know where they dropped us off at, but Lee was there.

I'm sure Lee was shocked to look up at the back of the truck and see Larry and I sitting there.

That concluded my total Army experience.

That evening, we all decided to take in a movie at the local picture show.

After eating much popcorn and drinking gallons of pop, I felt the urge to use the men's room at the theater.

I suppose that step at the end of our row was there when we went in, I just didn't remember it.

With arms spread wide, and much clamor, I went flying across the aisle, landing on my knees.

After getting up and being totally embarrassed, I stayed in the men's room as long as possible. I was not looking forward to facing the crowd back inside the theater.

After mustering up enough courage, I went back in.

Knowing Larry like I do, I knew what to expect.

There would be no concerned questions on whether I got hurt or not.

No one would be waiting to help me to my seat.

When they saw me coming in, nothing but total laughter broke out for at least 10 minutes.

Larry can still show you my pose of flying across the aisle.

The next day we headed for home.

From somewhere south of San Francisco, we drove home in two and a half days and nights.

My total sight-seeing tour of California was from the back of a troop truck and along the Interstate.

I don't have one photo of our California adventure.

What I did get was a monthly reminder for several years, when my credit card bills were due.


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