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August 29, 2013

Tim Kolodziej: A little duct tape and a lot of inspiration

Tim Kolodziej
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Pascale Honore hasn’t been able to move her legs since a car accident left her a paraplegic 18 years ago.

Yet this summer, she’s been making waves around the globe.

As a surfer.

Imagine that.

Count me among the millions who have now watched her make a dream come true.

We’ve been inspired.

Moved to tears.


It’s amazing what a little duct tape can do.

As school bells herald the end of vacation season, Honore is finishing up a “Legless Summer” tour with her sons and their friend, Tyron Swan. They’ve been traveling up and down the Australia coast to discover — and conquer — the biggest waves nature can muster.

But here’s the unique twist. Before entering the water, Honore climbs on Swan’s back. The noted surfer and champion diver sits patiently as Honore’s son binds them together with duct tape.

Swan does the heavy lifting. Honore simply beams from ear to ear and holds on to him tightly as they glide across the water into shore.

You just have to see for yourself how a 50-year-old mom who grew up surfing in Australia was able to reclaim the joy of conquering a powerful wave.

But as you marvel at the video below, I want you to be a discerning viewer. Insert yourself into the story and ask the following questions:

•What is my dream? — What can I not STOP thinking about doing? Honore’s was to surf again even after a tragic accident. How BIG is your pursuit?

•What is limiting me from doing it? — Honore is paralyzed from the waist down. What do you see as your disability? Too old? Too young? Not enough education? Don’t have the right connections? We don’t believe you anymore.

•What is my duct tape? — What haven’t you explored that could help you chase your dream? Don’t laugh. The answer could be in a kitchen drawer.

•Who is my Tyron Swan? — No one does it alone. If you’re finding yourself stuck, maybe it’s time to join forces with a friend or co-worker and pursue the vision together. It’s not as scary when you have someone by your side. Or, like Honore, you just might need someone to carry you for awhile as you navigate rough waters. And that’s OK.

All right, enough already. Time to enjoy the video.

But please promise me something. Don’t just be inspired by what you see. Be moved to action.

Then begin your own journey to motivate others.

“It's just been absolutely amazing,” Pascale says of the response to her incredible story.

I wonder what she’ll say about yours.