New Castle News

November 2, 2013

Josh Drespling: Drats! It’s the cats — again!

Josh Drespling
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — I've had a love/hate week.

It has been a seven-day span of happy firsts and a week awash with things that have made me despise their very existence.

Let's start with the cats. My goodness, I never knew simple creatures could be so incredibly annoying, so much so that I was willing to offer them up to any home, woodshed, barn, dog box, or firing range that was willing to put up with them. There is an overly annoying mother cat who seems to be constantly in heat. I swear she lives to jump on every piece of furniture. The moment that you turn your back, she is immediately perched on any and all forbidden areas.

Despite the excessive amounts of yelling, spraying with water, and “gently” nudging her from the offending place, she always returns. She has become so brazen that she no longer waits until your back is turned, she just hops up to her desired spot like she is the queen of this fascinating wonderland.

Her partner in crime is a rambunctious 3-month-old kitten, which has a pretense to all the bad habits his mother holds. While the mother is roaming the house at 3 a.m., bellowing out an ear-piercing meow, he is on a seek and destroy mission with our plants, lamps, curtains, and any other inanimate object that could possibly be knocked to the floor. My plants have never been in such ill health, but if they are half as stressed out by the existence of these feline creatures as I am, I cannot blame them one bit.

This dynamic duo of destruction has succeeded in stinking up the entire house by leaving piles of pee and poop wherever they deem appropriate (especially on the beds and blankets). When they do manage to make use of the litter box, they somehow throw litter everywhere (a four- to five-foot radius).

They also have performed such dastardly tricks as ruining every piece of carpet and upholstery in the house by scratching at them and have completely scratched away all the carpet from under closed doors or shredded weather stripping in a vain attempt to get through a door.

On the flip side of my week, I started my glorious new job. It offers a better salary, much better hours and schedule, plus it is much better suited to my skill set.

Aside from my new-found career, I have fallen in love with my Roku. What is a Roku you ask? It is a little box that, once attached to your Internet connection, opens up a wide world of entertainment. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of streaming channels available. The majority of these channels are free, but there are some paid ones such as Netflix, MLB, NHL, Blockbuster On Demand, etc.

There is so much amazing media available that no one could ever consume it all. I have been totally immersed in the Smithsonian and PBS channels. I have also been watching all kinds of classic television shows, along with some amazing collections of cult movies. Not to mention that all the major networks have their own outlet on the Roku that lets you stream the most recent episodes of many of their hit shows.

I have also been viewing the local news broadcast from around the country and around the globe. As strange as it may sound, we (the cats and I) have found ourselves watching live web feeds of chicken farms, hamster cages, and fish tanks. There truly is a station for everything.

Maybe the solution to my pussycat pandemic is to post my own web cam for the whole world to see just how nuts this pair truly is.